Established on December 2013, Kongkarn combines the idea of B&B business together with agricultural farm and coffee shop. We offer scenic spot for both relaxation and health rejuvenation. Located on 3206 road in Ratchaburi province which is about 1 hour away from Bangkok, Kongkarn is an ideal place for cycling and observing beautiful mountainous scenery. Visitors at the early hour in the morning or late in the evening can appreciate mesmerizing sunrise and sunset unlike anywhere else. For stargazer, Kongkarn offers haven with cool breeze and crystal clear sky; visitors can choose to stay in luxurious B&B room or camping out in designated location to observe the beautiful sight of Milky Way.

Practitioner of meditation can find no other spot closer to Bangkok, yet offers necessary serenity and facilities for the practice. Kongkarn also offer training facilities for any group of people. Interested party please book in advance.

Once our farming capability is fully operational, we will also offer healthy food; planted and harvest by ourselves and farmers in associated network.

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